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What is N.U.T.S?

Neuron Upgrade and Training Station (N.U.T.S) is where obstacle racing meets fun trivia! You will run an obstacle course where your mind and body will be challenged. Run, climb and crawl through obstacles all while answering some zany trivia questions.

1. Run obstacle course

Run, climb and crawl through various obstacles. Test your strength, speed and endurance in our awesome obstacle course!

2. Answer trivia

You’ve pushed your body now time to stimulate your brain. In between obstacles you will have 90 seconds to answer interesting trivia!

3. Build mind & body.

Enjoy the rewarding experience of improving your mind and body.


Whether you are bringing a school group on a field trip or a sports team during a tournament, N.U.T.S is sure to be a blast for everyone!

Have Total Control

As the teacher, you have the capacity to send us specific material, which we can upload to our learning platform for you. That’s right! You want your students to review some exam questions while they have fun? No problem!

Measure Their Progress

N.U.T.S measures and tracks each student’s progress on the course. Next time you come, you can compare your class scores and determine if they have improved.

Go N.U.T.S.

Enjoy a day where students will have fun AND be busy learning useful new knowledge and skills they can take home with them to keep.

Ready to go N.U.T.S?

30 minute race: $14.50+HST, 60 minute race: $24.75+HST
Sports team party guests: $19.00+HST per guest, $50 flat fee if more than 10 guests attend