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What is N.U.T.S?

Neuron Upgrade and Training Station (N.U.T.S) is where obstacle racing meets fun trivia! You will run an obstacle course where your mind and body will be challenged. Run, climb and crawl through obstacles all while answering some zany trivia questions.

1. Run obstacle course

Run, climb and crawl through various obstacles. Test your strength, speed and endurance in our awesome obstacle course!

2. Answer trivia

You’ve pushed your body now time to stimulate your brain. In between obstacles you will have 90 seconds to answer interesting trivia!

3. Build mind & body.

Enjoy the rewarding experience of improving your mind and body.

Elevate Your Company’s Team-Building to New Heights

N.U.T.S is the best new venue for team building in Ottawa. The combination of great exercise and fun learning promises an event your team will remember.

Improved Learning

Your team will not only have fun, but also learn anything relevant to your business. Just provide us with your training material which we will upload directly on our interactive platforms.

100% Customizable

All of our obstacles are scalable and adaptable so that everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can have a good time.

We'll Take Care of It

We can order catering, set up a buffet style eating area, rent additional tables and chairs, provide a projector and screen, audio system. Anything you need to make your team building ooze with awesomeness, we’ll get done!

Ready to go N.U.T.S?

Team building: 22.50+HST per person
Corporate training: 1200+HST for full space rental, 22.50+HST per person