Canada’s first Knowledge-based Obstacle Race™!

Canada’s first Knowledge-based Obstacle Race™!

N.U.T.S: The Mission

Our mission is to provide a dynamic, clean and safe environment where you can improve health and mind.


N.U.T.S is an innovative concept supported by solid scientific research. Although we have known for years that a healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand, it has not been until recently that scientists have established a direct link between physical activity and the brain’s ability to learn.

Pioneered by Dr. John Ratey, a Doctor and Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard University, groundbreaking research was conducted amongst student populations in the U.S. and Canada. By using a recognized scientific method, researchers were able to clearly show that students who were involved in physical activity which elevated their heart rates immediately before going to class or taking a test, consistently had higher marks than those who didn’t.

The research showed that during physical activity, the heart and the brain secrete specific chemicals and hormones into the blood stream, which multiply and bind neurons thus enabling the brain to learn better and faster. This research also revealed that these same chemicals acted as mood regulators.